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Fusion is the official magazine of the Dental Fusion Organisation.

If you are a member of the Dental Fusion Organisation, Fusion is an important member benefit. But Fusion is much more than the DFO magazine.

When looking at what busy dental professionals want and expect from a magazine, we went back to the drawing board. If you want insightful content with articles you can read in a flash, that’s what we give you!

Dental practices are busy places and the professionals who work within them are even busier. We know your time is at a premium. At Fusion we aim to keep everything concise and exclusive.

One of the most popular features in the Members Edition is ‘Dear DFO‘, a slightly tongue-in-cheek letters section where members can get anonymous frank, no-holds-barred advice on their problems.

Along with the dental stuff there is plenty to see elsewhere. We’ve got gadgets and technology, travel, a soap box and all sorts of other exciting things planned.

Part of that remit is bringing expert advice from our commercial partners in easily digestible chunks. These people are the experts at what they do and they bring to Fusion the knowledge and expertise that you can’t get anywhere else.

Fusion is modern, political, commercial and, above all, accessible to all members of the dental team. It’s not just for dentists – this magazine really is for everyone. Our mission is to inform and entertain, to provoke thought and to bring the industry and profession closer together.

You will get Fusion delivered to your door. Fusion magazine is published by the DFO.

Fusion deadlines

08 Sep 2014 9:00 AM • UK
15 Nov 2014 • UK


  • Full-colour pages for as little as £194
  • Media releases for £90 reducing to £75 if you put in three (can be over three editions).
  • FREE banner advertisments and email shots if you spend £200 or more.

Note: Unlike other magazines, Fusion series discounts can be built up using different clients, adverts and issues.

Please contact Farideh Ghassemian

[email protected]

T: 0203 286 1336

Skype: DentalFusionOrg

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