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The Dental Fusion Organisation offers four basic types of membership (and two of those cost £10 or less!), so there is something to suit everybody with a stake in primary dental care.

Sign up for FREE to lend your support to the association and get a complimentary copy of Fusion magazine. We’ll keep you in the loop regarding our free benefits including our popular lunch-time Webinars.

DCP Membership adds priority booking for our Webinars, FREE verifiable CPD, access to the Members Only section and our dentally-staffed helpline.

Associate Membership gives you all of the above, PLUS an HMRC-approved Associate contract, assistance in dealing with with patient complaints or indemnity issues and £100 off the Smile-On Clinical Innovations conference.

For Principal Membership see the box (right).

PayPal securely processes payments for the Dental Fusion Organisation. Complete your payment in just a few clicks. (If you don’t have a PayPal account, you can use your credit card or bank account). There is no charge for this service (although a charge may be levied if your payment involves a currency conversion or is levied by another person, for example via your credit card company).

Principal Membership includes all of the benefits of the other levels, PLUS over Â£2,500 worth of extra benefits
  • 10% discount on accountancy services
  • Consultation with IFA (worth £500)
  • Legal consultation (worth £500)
  • Employed/self-employed staff contracts package (worth £600)
  • Industry-standard Private Fees and Wages Guide
  • 12.5% discount on full staff training package (worth £547.50)
  • 40% discount on VAKmentor interactive training and core CPD unit
  • Assistance with implementing patient payment plans
  • Discounted membership of Dentabyte Docs (worth £60)
  • Single-user licence to Dentabyte Task Manager
  • Free training and marketing consultation and report
  • Two-day Masterclass on management and compliance (worth £300)

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